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The EFSA Focal Point acts as a centre of partnership, cooperation and effective communication between EFSA and relevant bodies in Slovenia, bringing together different authorities, such as national food safety authorities, research institutes and other stakeholders engaged in the risk assessment process concerning food and feed safety, animal and plant health protection, animal welfare and nutrition. The key objective of the Focal Point is to provide support to the Slovenian member of the Advisory Forum, to exchange scientific information and advice. 


The Focal Point provides support to the Advisory Forum member in exchanging information on:

    • The development of important risk assessment initiatives in Slovenia and in EFSA;
    • Results of relevant scientific research projects;
    • Ongoing risk assessments and opinions under preparation; 
    • Ensure close cooperation as far as appropriate on the preparation of EFSA’s and Slovenian competent authorities’ Work Programmes; 
    • Requests for specific information.

The Focal Point provides support in the following activities:


    • Disseminating materials concerning EFSA within Slovenia; 
    • Organising and co-ordinating in Slovenia the exchange of information and documentation concerning scientific activities of relevance to EFSA;
    • Providing an interface between EFSA and national level stakeholders;
    • Promoting EFSA’s outreach in Slovenia. 

The Focal Point provides assistance in the following activities:

    • Review, or proposals for new designations, for updates of the list of competent organisations in Slovenia (Article 36 List);
    • Development and maintenance of databases of scientific experts and research organisations in Slovenia that could assist EFSA and the national authorities in conducting collaborative work in support of risk assessments in the area of food and feed safety;
    • Requests to national experts. 

For more information on the role and activities of Focal Points please visit the EFSA website: