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Bees and their work have a positive impact on the entire ecosystem and biodiversity protection. Their most important role is pollination of plants, whereby they contribute to effective agricultural production that is key to ensuring food security. The benefits of bees’ work are also apicultural products that have favourable effects on human nutrition and healthcare.

Given the importance of bees and beekeeping Slovenia is putting great efforts into preserving and protecting bees not only in its territory but also throughout the European Union. In this context close attention is paid to raising public awareness of the importance of bees and apicultural products, with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment placing special focus on the youth. Most habits are formed in childhood. Hence, education and building up good habits that foster environmental care and concern for nature should start with the youngest members of our society.

The Slovenian initiative to introduce a “European Honey Breakfast” is based on the project Honey Breakfast that started in Slovenia seven years ago when the Slovenian beekeepers offered their honey for breakfast to kindergarten and school children for the first time. In the context of this annual education and promotion action various presentations and workshops are organised to bring the importance of bees for our food supply closer to children, with emphasis on maintaining clean and healthy environment and rural areas. The focus is also on raising awareness of other target audiences about the role of breakfast as an important daily meal for healthy lifestyle.

On the basis of good practice Slovenia launched an initiative at the Agriculture and Fisheries Council in March 2014 to introduce the European Honey Breakfast that was warmly welcomed by several Member States. In addition, an interest in participation was expressed by countries candidate to EU membership and third countries. The proposal was very positively assessed by the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Dacian Cioloş, who considers that the Slovenian Honey Breakfast is a good practice example of the new legislative proposal on school scheme as it includes both shaping healthy eating habits in children as well as enhancing the educational dimension with a focus on agricultural, food and health (balanced diet) and environmental topics. Commissioner Cioloş expressed his support to the Slovenian initiative.

The initiative for the introduction of the European Honey Breakfast will be presented at the 3rd International Beekeeping Conference in November 2014 in Slovenia. Conference participants will have the opportunity to attend breakfast in kindergartens and elementary schools where they will be able to learn about the implementation of the project in Slovenia.

With a view to the preservation of bees and beekeeping the initiative will result in better attitudes of children, teachers and general public to bees and nature.


The Honey Breakfast in Slovenia will continue this year as well. You are kindly invited to join us in implementing the project and in making a combined effort to support food producers and processors, raise awareness on the need to maintain clean and healthy environment, teach young people about food production and processing and arouse interest in agriculture-related activities. Leaflet and video by Slovenian Beekeepers' Association: Slovenian Beekeeping initiative for The European Honey Breakfas and World Bee Day.

This joint implementation of the project will lay solid foundation for the next year when we expect the European Honey Breakfast to take place in all Member States of the European Union.


Information on the implementation of Honey Breakfast in Slovenia

Time and place of the occurrence:
Honey breakfast takes place in educational establishments (kindergartens and schools) every year on the third Friday in November. This year it will be held on 21 November 2014.


Manner of implementation of the project: 
All children in Slovenian kindergartens and schools have for breakfast honey produced by Slovenian beekeepers. They are also offered bread, milk, butter and apples.

Alongside the breakfast educational establishments may include a number of accompanying activities in the project, such as:

  • art and literary competitions linked to the themes of the project,
  • field trips and open days on farms, in food processing and beekeeping enterprises,
  • preparation of materials on the subject of beekeeping, agriculture, environment, rural areas etc. (posted on the internet),
  • school gardens,
  • other activities (purchase or distribution of seeds, competition, promotion materials etc.).

In this way teachers and beekeepers present the wider aspect of the project to children (importance of breakfast, agriculture, beekeeping etc.). Mayors, various officials, athletes and many other prominent figures are present at the Breakfast, too.

Let’s join forces and help preserve agriculture, beekeeping and clean environment!

For more information about the project, please write to honey-breakfast.mko(at)


On Friday, 21 November 2014, Hungary joined Slovenia in implementing the European Honey Breakfast initiative - learn more...