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The field of fisheries in Slovenia and its legislation and management is carried out by the Hunting and Fisheries Sector at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment.

Fishery is an industry which encompasses fishing, aquaculture, and processing and marketing of fish and fishery products. Fishing includes sea fishing which can be commercial or non-commercial and inland waters fishing.  Aquaculture is breeding aquaculture organisms and includes breeding of fresh water organisms as well as the salt water ones (mariculture). Processing and marketing are part of the fishery activities which bestow an additional value to fish and fishery products and ensure qualitative products for consumers.

Industrial Fishing and Slovenian Fishing Fleet

Industrial fishing in Slovenia is limited exclusively to sea commercial fishing. Despite the fact that Slovenian coastline measures only 46.6 km, industrial fishing is of great importance for the coastal region (municipalities of Koper, Izola and Piran) as not only does it create employment positions directly, but is also linked to the economy of the entire region, especially to tourism and catering offer.

On 31st December 2012 the capacity of the Slovenian fishing fleet amounted to 685.02 gross tonnages and 9,126.90 kW. The fleet consists of vessels which are rather old on average, i.e. a little less than 37 years. Nearly 91 % of vessels are less than 12 metres long and they are mostly active in the small scale coastal fishing of demersal species. A little less than 8 % of vessels measures between 12 and 18 metres. Only one vessel is longer than 18 metres. The most frequent fishing equipment is static gear which is used especially to catch demersal species. The majority of the catch is sold directly to known customers (processing industry, commercial agents), while part of it is sold on a fish market in Trieste, Italy.
Slovenian fishers fish migratory fish species (sardines, ancho

vies, sprats…) which they share with other Mediterranean countries, hence it is vital for Slovenia to take part in various international organisations and projects (GFCM FAO, AdriaMed to name but two).

Non-commercial Sea Fishing

Besides commercial sea fishing also the so-called non-commercial fishing, i.e. sport fishing and recreational fishing are carried out as classified by the Marine Fisheries Act (published in Uradni list RS, no. 115/06). Sport fishery requires regulatory fishing equipment and an annual sport fishing licence which also sets a daily catch limit. Recreational fishing requires a daily or weekly fishing permit and fishing equipment, required by the law.

Fishing in Inland Waters and Aquaculture

Slovenia prohibits commercial fishing in inland waters; only non-commercial fishing with a fish hook in accordance with fisheries arrangements regarding individual water parts and individual fish species is allowed. In some regions, sport fishing is of great importance for tourism.

Aquaculture is breeding of aquaculture organisms and includes breeding of fresh water organisms as well as the salt water ones (mariculture). Mainly fish are being bred; in the sea also molluscs. Lately also growing seaweed is gaining importance, both for food and cosmetics.

Common Fisheries Policy and European Fund for Fisheries

Common Fisheries Policy is an instrument of the European Union to manage fisheries. Since fisheries resources are natural and mobile sources, they are regarded as common property. Managing the fleet is an important part of the Common Fisheries Policy.

In the 2007–2013 financial perspective of the EU, Slovenian fisheries sector drew on funds from the European Fisheries Fund which assigned a little more than 21 million euros to Slovenia. The fund was intended for the sustainable development of fisheries, aquaculture, and processing and marketing of fishery and aquaculture products. At the moment documentation on drawing funds from the new financial perspective (2014–2020) is being designed.

Slovenian institutions associated with fisheries:

Agency for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development
Dunajska 160, 1000 Ljubljana


Inspectorate of RS for Agriculture and the Evironment
Parmova ul. 33, 1000 Ljubljana


Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection
Dunajska cesta 22, 1000 Ljubljana


Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia
Spodnje Gameljne 61/a, 1211 Ljubljana - Šmartno


Fishing Association of Slovenia
Tržaška cesta 134, 1000 Ljubljana


Sea Sport Fishing Federation of Slovenia
Obala 55, 6320 Portorož


Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia
Celovška cesta 135, 1000 Ljubljana


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
Dimičeva ulica 13, 1000 Ljubljana