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The field of forests and forestry at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food is managed by the Forestry Division within the Directorate for Forestry, Hunting and Fisheries. It monitors the forest condition and develops system solutions for a sustainable development of forests ecosystems and biodiversity and all the environmental, production and social functions of forests.


Forestry Division thus:
- monitors forest condition and develops system solutions in the fields of forests, forestry, forest nursery and seed production;
- conducts proceedings for adoption of administrative plans;
- monitors proceedings of silvicultural and safety measures or biological investments into forests;
- monitors and reviews operations of the Slovenia Forest Service;
- monitors educational and research activities within the Division's work scope;
- designs and monitors programmes of construction and maintenance of forest roads and monitors forest work technologies;
- monitors economic performance and forestry activity costs and develops standards for forest investment co-financing;
- monitors forest products market;
- fixes prices of services which are co-financed from the budget of the Republic of Slovenia.


Slovenian Forests and Forestry


Slovenia is one of the most forested countries in Europe. 1,186,104 ha of forests cover more than a half of its territory (forestation amounts to 58.5%).


Forest Ownership

74% of forests in Slovenia are private property, 26% of forests are public (owned by the state or communes). Larger and undivided forest estates of state-owned forests enable good professional management.  Private forest estates are small, with an average area of only 3 ha. According to the latest data there are already 314,000 (with co-owners even 489,000) forest owners in Slovenia. The large fragmentation of forest property and the number of forest owners and co-owners, present a serious obstacle to carrying out professional work in private forests, optimal timber production and utilisation of forest potential.


Growing Stock, Increment and Logging

According to the data of forest management plans by the Slovenia Forest Service, the growing stock of Slovenian forests amounts to 327,458,525 cubic metres or 276.08 cubic metres per hectare. The share of growing stock of coniferous trees is 46.50% and 53.50% of deciduous trees. There is an annual increment of 7,985,256 cubic metres of wood or 6.74 cubic metres per hectare in Slovenian forests.
In recent years, the felling in Slovenian forests has totalled to around 4 million m3 of trees annually, 60% of which have been conifers and 40% deciduous trees. According to forest management plans, the felling could be higher. Currently, it amounts to 70% of its potentials and 40% of the current increment.

Forest Management

Slovenia has an established tradition of planned forest management. The first forestry plans were made back in the 18th century, while individual edicts for regulating forests were not unheard of even in the 15th century. Modern principles of forest management in Slovenia are sustainability, imitating the natural cycle in forests (co-natural management) and the multi-purpose nature of the forests (the forests not only produce material assets, but also have environmental and social functions). Forest management is the right and duty of forest owners, while guidelines for forest management are within the competences of the Slovenia Forest Service, which in cooperation with forest owners also performs tree selection for felling on the basis of the National Forest Programme, Forest Law, and forest management and silvicultural plans. Summary of Report on the implementation of the National Forest Program 2007 - 2014 and Report on the implementation of the National Forest Programme till 2014 were made.



The land use, land use change and forestry (‘LULUCF’) sector has the potential to provide long-term climate benefits, and thereby to contribute to the achievement of the Union’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction target, as well as to the long-term climate goals of the Paris Agreement. The LULUCF sector also provides bio- materials that can substitute fossil- or carbon-intensive materials and therefore plays an important role in the transition to a low greenhouse-gas-emitting economy. Member States submited to the Commission national forestry accounting plans, including forest reference levels. In the absence of the international review under the UNFCCC or the Kyoto Protocol, a review procedure is established in 2019 to ensure transparency and improve the quality of accounting in the category of managed forest land.


According to the REGULATION (EU) 2018/841 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 30 May 2018 on the inclusion of greenhouse gas emissions and removals from land use, land use change and forestry in the 2030 climate and energy framework, and amending Regulation (EU) No 525/2013 and Decision No 529/2013/EU, under the article 8 of the Regulation, was Slovenian national forestry accounting plan submited on 31. December 2018, including a proposed forest reference level, for the period from 2021 to 2025:


Republic of Slovenia national forestry accounting plan (in Slovene)


Slovenian Institutions associated with forestry:


Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment
Dunajska 22
1000 Ljubljana


Slovenia Forest Service
Večna pot 2
1000 Ljubljana


Slovenian Forestry Institute
Večna pot 2
1000 Ljubljana


Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Forestry and Renewal of Forest Resources
Večna pot 83
1000 Ljubljana


Farmland and Forest Fund of the Republic of Slovenia
Dunajska cesta 58
1000 Ljubljana


Non-governmental organisations:


Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia
Celovška 135
1000 Ljubljana


Forestry Association at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia 
Dimičeva 13
1504 Ljubljana


Federation of Forest Associations of Slovenia
Večna pot 2
1000 Ljubljana


Federation of Forest Owners of Slovenia
Slovenska vas 5
8232 Šentrupert