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Slovene Ethnographic museum and Ministry of agriculture, forestry and food at the "colourful world" exhibition in Beijing

Ljubljana, 29 October 2018 – On the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Beijing, the Slovene Ethnographic Museum in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food represented Slovenia at the international exhibition Colourful World held in Beijing from 25 to 28 October 2018. The aim of this pavilion exhibition of cultures was to strengthen the cultural exchange between China and countries from all over the world.

The Slovene Ethnographic Museum represented Slovenia with an exhibition entitled "Where is the home of bees? This is our Slovenia", presenting Slovenia's rich beekeeping heritage and related features, such as the painted beehive panels. The Museum studies, protects and preserves the country’s beekeeping heritage and this year it mounted a special exhibition on beekeeping entitled "Where bees are at home". 

The exhibition "Where is the home of bees?" consisted of billboards presenting Slovenia's beekeeping heritage and the painted beehive panels from the Museum's collection in pictures and words. The graphic presentation also included an interactive pavilion "The World of Bees" and the promotion of the World Bee Day.  


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