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AGROPOL project: Presentation of integration of Slovenia and Carinthia

Klagenfurt, 19 October 2018 – At Schloss Krastowitz in Klagenfurt, at the first of the three concluding events of the Agropol pilot project – the project being aimed at integrating cross-border regions in the agriculture and food industry – the results of the integration of Slovenia and Carinthia (Austria) were presented. Director-General of the Agriculture Directorate Tadeja Kvas Majer attended the event on behalf of the Ministry.

The aim of the Agropol pilot project, which was supported by the European Commission, was to develop practical knowledge and experience on how cross-border cooperation can strengthen value chains in agriculture and the food industry. The pilot cross-border regions selected were Slovenia and Carinthia and Alentejo in Centro (Portugal) and Extremadura (Spain). In a series of meetings, the national and regional institutions and local actors in both pilot cross-border regions identified common challenges and developed practical tools, solutions and products.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry together with their partners from Carinthia participate at the regional level in the working group on agriculture and rural development within the Slovenia–Carinthia Joint Committee. As strategic partners in the Agropol project, they focused primarily on the dairy industry and education and advisory services in agriculture and to a lesser extent on the forestry and wood industry.


On both sides of the border most milk is produced on small family farms in remote mountain areas, while small local and regional dairies are facing strong competition from big international actors. The dairies Krepko from Logatec and Kärtnermilch from Spittal an der Drau took steps towards the development of high-quality organic products, strengthening of local markets and development of alternative sales channels and developed a joint cheese box under the name Brezmejno okusni/Grenzenlos gut (boundlessly tasty).  The box will be available through sales channels on both sides of the border.


The new common agricultural policy and possibilities for cross-border cooperation were also presented at the event, and success factors and the future of the cross-border cooperation in agriculture and the food industry were discussed.

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