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Sate Secretary Jerina Opened the Meeting of the International Whaling Commission Scientific Committee

Bled, 12th May 2014 – Secretary of State at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment Andreja Jerina opened the 65th annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) Scientific Committee. The event which will finish on 24th May is hosted by Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the IWC Secretariat.

In her opening address, Secretary of State Andreja Jerina underlined the importance of nature preservation which, in many cases, is not an easy task. She highlighted that size or smallness, “charisma” or unfamiliarity of a species do not play a role in nature conservation – what counts for conservation of any species is knowledge, perseverance and enthusiasm for what we do. She also stressed the importance of knowledge and good scientific propositions for political decisions in this field. She wished the participants a lot of success in their preparation of decision basis for the September meeting in Portorož.

The chairperson of the Scientific Committee and the IWC Secretary General thanked Slovenia and Sava Hotels for their hospitality and excellent working conditions.

The International Whaling Commission is an international body which was set up by the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling (ICRW), established in 1964. ICRW defines the quotas for certain whaling forms and deals with conservation of whales and dolphins while work of its Scientific Committee is of extreme importance for decision making. It functions on a highly professional level and its approach is comparable to similar issues of conservation and management of large beasts. Scientific Committee also deals with numerous topics from the field of ecology and sea conservation. At the moment IWC has 88 member countries; Slovenia joined the organisation in 2006.


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