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Secretary of State Jerina in an Informal Council Meeting of EU Environment Ministers on Sustainable Blue Growth

Ljubljana, 15th May 2014 – Secretary of State at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment Andreja Jerina yesterday attended an informal meeting of EU environment Ministers, organized by the Hellenic Presidency in Athens. Discussions focused mainly on marine environment and sustainable or “blue” growth. High environmental representatives devoted the majority of the debate to the discussion on the continuation of the international climate negotiations and preparations for the meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change bodies (UNFCCC) and Kyoto Protocol which will be held in Bonn this July, and further steps in adoption of the 2030 EU climate-energy framework.

“Realisation of the sustainable attitude will be possible only by integrating the environmental aspects into all other sector policies, based on the ecosystem approach,” emphasised State Secretary Jerina. In order to achieve this Member States will need to improve their knowledge of the marine environment and establish functional operative structures. “Only this way an actual implementation of the European legislation and other appropriate international agreements will be feasible,” added Jerina.

Regarding the July meeting of UNFCC working bodies, Slovenia strives for a pro-active role of the EU and thus continuation of its leading role in international climate negotiations. The EU needs to stand up for more ambitious emission reduction goals. According to Secretary of State Jerina, the EU needs to strive for a new, global and legally binding agreement of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris next December which would include a commitment to emission reduction in accordance with common yet share responsibilities  based on national characteristics of individual states. With regard to the fact that the EU will exceed the current Kyoto protocol commitments, its message in the Bonn meeting should be clear, i.e. that great efforts were required for the achievement and positive results are already visible. “These too should be clearly presented,” said Jerina.

A day before the informal meeting of the EU Environment Ministers a Union for the Mediterranean (UfmF) Meeting on Environment and Climate Change took place which was the first after 2006. The ministerial meeting was attended also by the Secretary of State Jerina who participated in adoption of a declaration with which Member States wish to bestow a meaning to the regional climate change aspirations. These can be successful only in relation to other existing international climate processes which aim at the adoption of a global and legally binding climate agreement. The readiness of the UfmF Member States to strive for the legally binding international agreement that will include all countries, also the world’s largest economies, with balanced burdens was put in the text of the declaration due to Slovenia’s initative. The declaration refers also to the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development, adopted in 2005 in Portorož, Slovenia.

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