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Implementation of the European Honey Breakfast initiative in Hungary

On Friday, 21 November 2014 Hungary joined Slovenia in implementing the European Honey Breakfast initiative.

A new programme called “Honeyed Breakfast” was launched on Friday, the goal of which is to promote the consumption of honey and healthy nutrition among primary school children. The programme was officially launched at the Attila József Primary School in Szigetszentmiklós by Minister of Agriculture Sándor Fazekas and Slovenian Ambassador Ksenija Škrilec, the originator of the programme. Children in 67 schools around the country were served bread and honey as part of the breakfast.


At the event, Sándor Fazekas emphasised that the objective of the programme was to increase awareness regarding the importance of Hungarian honey and other apiculture products, and to promote a healthy lifestyle and locally produced foods.


In line with the original goal of the programme, the Ministry of Agriculture would like to increase awareness of the significance of consuming honey. Natural honey contains 11 different vitamins, 30 minerals and 19 amino acids, in addition to which it increases the body’s resistance to diseases, has a soothing effect, enhances the functioning of the internal organs, strengthens the heart and has several other positive effects. Honey is primarily made up of fructose and glucose, making it particularly suitable as a quick energy supplement.


Hungarian honey is internationally acclaimed and within the EU is generally used to improve the quality of other honey products in view of its superior quality. Pure acacia honey is hardly available outside Hungary, and only at very high prices. Depending on annual production values (15-30,000 tons/year), Hungary is capable of supplying up to 40% of the EU’s internal honey market and this represents some 4-5% of the world’s total honey production.


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