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Slovenia gets support from all FAO Member States

Rome, Vatican, 29 September 2016 – Today, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Dejan Židan, and a delegation from Slovenia attended the meeting of the FAO Committee on Agriculture (COAG) held at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation headquarters (FAO) in Rome. Among other things, the COAG today discussed Slovenia’s initiative to proclaim 20 May as World Bee Day. The members of the Committee gave the project their full support. At the end of the meeting, Minister Židan thanked all the participants for the support they gave Slovenia and the project, which unites the whole world. "Today is a historical day for the COAG and this strong support will become a part of historical memory," said Minister Židan in his closing speech.

Many representatives from several countries and regional groups participated in the discussion at the COAG meeting, and, when the discussion was concluded, Slovenia received the support of all FAO Member States (in total there are 194 FAO Member States). At the end of the meeting, the Chairperson of COAG thanked Minister Židan and Slovenia for good presentation and project, which received full support. "I congratulate Minister Dejan Židan for successful implementation of the project and for convincing all the countries to support the initiative for World Bee Day".


In his speech Minister Židan said that it is our moral obligation to ensure a clean and healthy environment for our future generations and enable them to have diverse and healthy food available, in which bees and other pollinators play an important role. Slovenia believes that, by celebrating a special day dedicated to bees and other pollinators, we would, at the global level, contribute significantly to raising the general public’s awareness on the importance of preserving bees and other pollinators and on the importance of the beekeeping sector for agriculture. Miniter Židan concluded by saying that the World Bee Day joins and links the world. “This is of particular importance in these times of political instability and economic volatility,” added Minister Židan. (Minister's speech in full).


On the margins of the COAG Committee meeting, the interactive pavilion “The Bee World” that Slovenia is using for the first time to inform visitors about the initiative to proclaim 20 May as World Bee Day and and help them understand the importance of bees, beekeeping, and pollination for mankind and the fight against hunger. 


On the margins of the FAO meeting, yesterday at the Vatican Minister Židan attended a general audience with Pope Francis, to whom he presented Slovenia’s initiative to proclaim 20 May World Bee Day. On this occasion, the Minister presented the Pope with some Slovenian honey, accompanied by a message explaining the initiative, and potica, which the Pope accepted with pleasure, as he knows Slovenia and potica as a typical Slovenian dish.



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