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Minister Židan: Traditional Slovenian Breakfast is an opportunity for the promotion of Slovenian food abroad

Murska Sobota, 18 November 2016 – the Minister of Agriculture and the Environment, Dejan Židan, joined pupils at Murska Sobota Second Primary School for their Traditional Slovenian Breakfast. On this occasion he mentioned that the project is not only a discussion about food but it is also a comprehensive promotion of Slovenia and Slovenian food abroad, which was also confirmed by his recent visit to Hong Kong.

(Source: Slovenian Press Agency (STA))


On the margins of today's event Minister Židan explained that with the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast the project’s leaders (the Government and the Slovenian Beekeepers' Association) want to highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle, a part of which includes breakfast as the most important meal of the day and which, unfortunately, too many young people skip because they are in a hurry.


"When speaking of local Slovenian food and the question of whether we purchase local food or not, we are helping Slovenian farmers and food producers in the best possible way; at the same time we also speak about the Slovenian culture, since a rich cuisine is a part of Slovenian culture; a cuisine that significantly differs among Slovenia's regions," mentioned Minister Židan, adding that this is also becoming an export product.


He said that during his recent visit to China, he, in his answers to the questions asked during the talks with the Director of Tourism and the Minister of the Economy, responsible for Tourism in Hong Kong, described Slovenia and all its beauties and advantages and in this regard highlighted the diversity of Slovenian cuisine. According to Minister Židan, his partners in dialogue answered that this is almost ideal tourist destination for them; we should merely present it.


According to Minister Židan, Slovenian food is an export opportunity, which should be presented to seven million rich tourists from Hong Kong, who make three to four trips per year.


He mentioned, in particular, the Slovenian Beekeepers' Association, which spearheaded the project and also other initiatives, including Honey Breakfast and World Bee Day; the Minister also mentioned other Ministries supporting the project.


The almost 500 pupils of Murska Sobota Second Primary School  had food grown in the vicinity for their breakfast; however, they did not prepare their own food since there are too many of them and they have no possibility to do so.


The Headmistress Suzana Fartelj said that the children are slowly adapting to ecologically grown food and since the children are choosy, the food still remains uneaten at school. On the other hand, according to her there are no hungry children at their school. The school provides food for those children whose parents are not able to pay for it, if it is made aware of the problem.


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