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Traditional Slovenian Breakfast served throughout Slovenia on Slovenian Food Day

Slovenia, 18 November 2016 –Slovenian Food Day is being marked throughout Slovenia today as schools and kindergartens served the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast. Minister Židan attended the breakfast at Murska Sobota Second Primary School and State Secretary Strniša joined pupils for breakfast at Šentjernej Primary school.


At the breakfast at Murska Sobota, Minister Židan mentioned that the project is not only a discussion about food but it is also a comprehensive promotion of Slovenia and Slovenian food abroad, which was also confirmed by his recent visit to Hong Kong. All the stakeholders in the project want to highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle, a part of which is breakfast as the most important meal of the day and which, unfortunately, too many young people skip because of their fast-paced lifestyle. "When speaking of local Slovenian food and the question of whether we purchase local food or not, we are helping Slovenian farmers and food producers in the best possible way; at the same time we also speak about Slovenian culture, since a rich cuisine is a part of Slovenian culture; a cuisine that significantly differs among Slovenia's regions," mentioned Minister Židan, adding that this is also becoming an export product. During his recent visit to China, Minister Židan described Slovenia and all its beauties and advantages, highlighting the diverse Slovenian cuisine. High representatives from China confirmed to the Minister that Slovenia is an almost ideal tourist destination for them; we should merely present it.


This week other governmental institutions, trading companies and some Slovenian embassies around the world (in Prague, Trieste and Washington) also marked the Slovenian Food Day by hosting the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast. 


This morning the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food hosted a traditional market, which has been an accompanying event on Slovenian Food Day since 2012, when this day was designated by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia – currently, we are marking the sixth year. Approximately 20 farms, agricultural enterprises and cooperatives were presented at the market, along with their crops and products. Visitors could taste and buy a range of cheeses and dairy products, dry and fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, spreads, cured food products, honey, cakes and many other local delicacies.


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