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State Secretary Strniša at the International Conference SLOBIOM 2016

Ljubljana, 16 December 2016 – The State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia, Tanja Strniša, attended the International Conference SLOBIOM 2016 on intercultural dialogue for renewable energy and organic farming.

The International Conference SLOBIOM was organised by the Slovenian Biomass Association. The second day of the Conference began with a series of topics dedicated to the importance of beekeeping for Slovenia and the world. State Secretary Strniša accordingly first stressed in her opening speech the importance of beekeeping and the initiative for the proclamation of World Bee Day. The initiative given at the end of 2014 by the Beekeepers' Association of Slovenia was very positively received by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. Already in 2015 Slovenia received support from the European Parliament, the EU Council and many countries. This year Slovenia successfully started the official procedures for the proclamation of World Bee Day with the Food and Agriculture Organization at the United Nations (FAO). "The whole world is on our side, we are waiting for an official proclamation within the FAO and the UN General Assembly, and we anticipate celebrating the first World Bee Day on 20 May 2018. In this context, State Secretary Strniša emphasized that the initiative for the proclamation of World Bee Day integrates national and global components. "The global component is that the initiative itself includes care for the most serious global issue, i.e. eradication of hunger and poverty in the world. There are 800 million hungry people in the world and no solution has been found yet how to feed them whereas the need for food will even double by 2050." She expressed her pride and satisfaction over the fact that Slovenian initiative was recognized all over the world, also by BRAC, the largest non-governmental organisation and its founder and president Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, who during the 40 years of his duties carried out many distinguished projects. "Sir Abed asked Slovenia to transfer its knowledge of beekeeping to Bangladesh and thus help Bangladesh to have more food and reduce the number of hungry people. This is our mission, since our idea does not end with the proclamation of World Bee Day."


According to State Secretary Strniša, the second topic is the necessity of implementing the circular economy concept. She stressed that "It is necessary to find the answer of how to carefully and effectively manage our limited resources, otherwise they will be used up. This is also where we find the answer to the question of how to feed the world. It is necessary to use one's own resources and promote the circulation of organic matter while the second important question is how to address the issue of reduction of waste quantities and food waste." In the conclusion of her speech, the State Secretary Strniša invited all those present to participate in the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast and Slovenian Food Day to be held on Friday, 18 November, and expressed her wish for the project to reach beyond the school system and serve to promote pan-Slovenian awareness of the importance of the locally produced food.