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Visit of the Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Dejan Židan in the Russian Federation

Mr Dejan Židan as minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia will be in Monday and Tuesday, 16 and 17 January 2017, on a visit to the Russian Federation, Moscow.

The purpose of the visit, which will be accompanied by an economic delegation and representatives of scientific institutions, is a further acceleration and expansion of economic and other cooperation with the Russian Federation in the field of agriculture, forestry and nutrition. The visit is a review and final preparation of all the necessary actions before the visit the President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor in February in the Russian Federation.


The Russian Federation is defined in the action plan of priority activities of the Slovenian ministries and Government departments as one of those for whom it is intended for special attention. Slovenian Ministry of agriculture, forestry and food is in the context of the priorities in the field of internationalisation in the past year started an in-depth cooperation with the Republic of Tatarstan. This year the focus is on hardware-based technique, which is tied to the agriculture and forestry, as well as on increasing food production, to which the Russian Federation is currently an intense moisture.


Within the framework of the visit of Mr. Židan are provided for the meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Nikolajevičem Tkačjovom, Minister of mass communications and technologies Nikolai Anatoljevičem Nikiforovom, Deputy Minister for energy Janovskim Anatolijem Borisovičom and (TBC) with the Minister for natural resources and environment Sergejom Efimovičem Donskojem and the Minister of industry and trade Valentinovičovom Denis Mantorovom. The meeting will also be held with senior representatives of the Chambers of Commerce, the State University of Lomonosova and agricultural University Timirjazeva and Russian companies.


The Russian partner will also present the Slovenian companies held business meetings will be Slovene and Russian companies. In the Slovenian economic delegation will be representatives from the following companies and scientific institutions: DUOL, SIP Šempeter PRI Gorici, Lanscaper, Pomurska, Geoplin, ECHO, Karachun, Mikelj SPIRITS, Typhoon mountains, Iskratel, Comita and Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, the agricultural Institute of Slovenia, Faculty of agriculture and life sciences (University of Maribor).


Scheduled program of Deputy PM, minister Dejan Židan with delegation:


Monday, 16. 1.2017 

1 p.m. Meeting with the Minister for natural resources and environment Sergejovom Efimovičem Donskojem (tbc)

4 p.m. Meeting with the Minister for agriculture Alexandrom Nikolajevičem Tkačjovom

6 p.m. Visit to the State universities Lomonosova 

7:30 p.m. Event Slovenia and Russian Federation - chess match of the Slovenian delegation with Anatolij Karpov


Tuesday, 17. 1.2017

9.30 a.m. visit to the State Agricultural University of Timirjazeva (tbc) 

11 a.m. Meeting with the Minister of mass communications and technologies Nikolaijevim Anatoljevičem Nikiforovom

12.30 p.m. meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for energy Janovskim Anatolijem Borisovičom

Following a meeting with Minister of industry and trade Valentinovičovom Denisom Mantorovom (tbc)

Followed by a visit to the company Gazprom (tbc)


The economic part of the delegation will also meet with industrialists and entrepreneurs and industrial and economic association.



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