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Minister Židan, expressed his support for preserving Slovenian hayracks

Bled, 9 March 2017 – Minister Dejan Židan attended a round table and the accompanying exhibition entitled: "Let's preserve Slovenian hayracks! Who and how?" Both events were organised by the Culture and Nature Association of Slovenia (Društvo Kultura-Natura), led by Slavko Mežek. For 20 years the Association has performed intensive activities for the protection of the hayrack.


At the event, Minister Židan expressed his support for the efforts to list the Slovenian hayrack, as an important part of Slovenia’s cultural, ethnographical and agricultural heritage, on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. "You have all my support in your efforts to make the hayrack a recognized part of world heritage, since in your efforts you combine elements of agriculture, forestry, the lumber industry, urban planning and nature protection." 


In his address Minister Židan also recalled that the hayrack is one of the Slovenian farmer's important innovations, which has developed and became refined over the centuries. Along with this the hayrack has been a symbol of the Slovenian countryside since earliest times. Its design and functionality was created due to the culture of cereals, development of livestock farming, land parcelization, needs and ultimately farmers’ financial situation.