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Berlin Green Week dedicated to organic food

Berlin, 20 January – The thriving organic food production industry is reflected in the trends showcased at Berlin's "Green Week", the biggest international fair for food, agriculture and horticulture. Exhibitors spotlight organic food, which is also in high demand by visitors. Otherwise, visitors traditionally feast on beer and sausages.

Report by special rapporteur from Berlin Martina Kolenc, Slovenian Press Agency


Organically grown food is being showcased by the majority of the some 1,600 exhibitors participating this year. Organic products can be found in a concentrated presentation in a separate hall, under the slogan "Organics – More Space for Life".


Organic foodstuffs have been in increasing demand among consumers. In the separate hall featuring organic food visitors can acquaint themselves with the guidelines for organic farming in the future.


There they discover why organically grown food is so unique, see the high innovativeness of such production, and experience diverse and savoury dishes.


The fair showcases traditional organic farming methods, modern innovative methods and practices that combine both.


Attention is also focused on sustainable tourism and holidays on farms and in rural areas. Organic farms are particularly interesting for young tourists, who can add something special to their holidays with the authentic experiences of rural life.


Besides organic food, beer and sausages are traditionally in high demand among visitors to the Berlin fair. This can also be noted at the Slovenian exhibition stand. Its main attraction is a pavilion dedicated to beekeeping.


The exhibition area of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food covers 135 square metres. Besides the interactive pavilion Bee World, the stand presents traditional Slovenian cuisine and the country’s vast range of tourist experiences.


On Saturday, the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture will be held as part of Green Week, but at a venue outside the Berlin fair grounds; the fair will close with the Berlin Agriculture Ministers’ Summit. The discussion will focus on the topic of Agriculture and Water – The Key to Feeding the World.


Green Week ranks as one of the biggest international agriculture, food and horticulture fairs in the world. It is visited annually by almost half a million people, and this year it features 1,600 exhibitors from 65 countries.