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Minister Židan: "Slovenia will market beekeeping knowledge and technologies"

Berlin, 20 January – In a statement to the Slovenian Press Agency at the Berlin Fair Minister Židan emphasised that Slovenia is ranked among the most knowledgeable beekeeping nations in the world, and Europe recognises Slovenia's pioneering role in this area. He stressed that Slovenia would market this knowledge, inter alia through an international school of beekeeping.

 Report by special rapporteur from Berlin Martina Kolenc, Slovenian Press Agency


Minister Židan said that the Slovenian exhibition stand at "Green Week", the biggest international fair for food, agriculture and horticultural, was a reflection of Slovenia's innovativeness and ambitions. He stressed that Slovenia was aware of its ranking among the leading countries, if not the leading, in knowledge, competences and technologies in beekeeping.


"The size of our country is not an obstacle. I wish the winning spirit beekeeping generates would reach other areas as well. Such an attitude is becoming ever more evident in the economy and if we recap this way of thinking, we see that the World Bee Day project is a symbol that stands for a newly acquired sense of self-confidence," emphasised Minister Židan.


He said that Europe recognised Slovenia's pioneering role in beekeeping and that the undisputed historical role of Anton Janša was widely appreciated. Janša took a new look at beekeeping and his textbooks became a cornerstone of modern beekeeping.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry has launched a new project, i.e. an international school of beekeeping, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association and the Biotechnical Faculty.


"We will thus market our knowledge and competences. The project will allow us to combine the expertise of various institutions. The school will facilitate the further development of beekeeping knowledge and technologies in Slovenia," Minister Židan explained.


Besides other visitors, several ministerial delegations have already visited Slovenia's exhibition area, including the Bavarian, Czech, Bhutanese, Dutch, Polish, German and Saudi Arabian delegations.


Minister Židan said that in the discussions to date strong support has been expressed for Slovenia's World Bee Day project. "Slovenia is well known for recognising the extra importance of protecting natural resources. I wish this would also be a message to the domestic public. The Ministry of Agriculture has stressed that the only option for the long-term development is to consider the protection of natural resources, and if this is grasped by every citizen, the political stakeholders will not dare act in a different way," Minister Židan concluded.