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Minister Židan to attend "Green Week" and Agricultural Ministers’ Summit in Berlin

Ljubljana, 19 January 2017 – Minister Židan is to attend the 8th International Agriculture Ministers' Summit in Berlin and the 9th Global Forum for Food and Agriculture at the invitation of the German Federal Minister for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Christian Schmidt. The two events will be held on the fringes of one of the world's biggest international fairs for food, agriculture and horticultural industries, the 82nd edition of Green Week in Berlin. Also this year Slovenia will feature its own exhibition area in Hall no. 18. In addition to a presentation of Slovenian cuisine it will house the attractive interactive pavilion "Bee World". On the fringes of the fair Minister Židan is to hold a number of bilateral meetings with ministers and other high representatives from several countries; the Slovenian stand will be visited by numerous eminent guests: besides German Federal Minister Schmidt and European Commissioner Hogan, FAO Director-General Da Silva also confirmed his attendance. On the fringes of his visit to Berlin Minister Židan will also meet with Slovenians living there.

Tomorrow the Berlin Fair, with exhibition grounds of 125,000 square metres, will open its door to visitors for the 82nd time in a row. The international fair for food, agriculture, and horticulture "Green Week" (Grüne Woche) draws almost 400,000 visitors each year. This year’s Green Week partner country is Hungary; the fair will host some 1,650 exhibitors from 66 countries. The exhibitors from across the globe undertake to present their culinary products, offer food tastings and provide information on new trends and developments in agriculture; they are on the lookout for new business opportunities or would like to promote their brand. Visitors follow consumer trends in terms of local or regional specialties and characteristic products along with new tourist destinations. 

Slovenia's exhibition, organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, will be located in Hall no. 18. Part of Slovenia's exhibition area will be devoted to beekeeping and will feature the attractive interactive pavilion entitled "Bee World", aimed at raising visitors’ awareness about the initiative to have 20 May declared World Bee Day; it will also provide information on the importance of pollination, the role of bees in a healthy environment and global food security. Tourist presentation will enable the visitors to take a closer look at the country's natural beauties; they will also have the chance to indulge in tasting an extensive range of typical Slovenian food products, beer and wine.


Tomorrow, Minister Židan will hold several bilateral meetings with ministers and other high-level representatives from the countries participating at the fair. Among other people the German Federal Minister of Agriculture, the Mayor of Berlin, the European Commissioner for Food and Rural Development and the FAO’s Director General also announced that they would be visiting the pavilion.

The fair is also relevant from economic and political perspectives as it will host more than 300 forums, seminars and conferences; its top-class events will be the 8th International Agriculture Ministers' Summit and the 9th Global Forum for Food and Agriculture with expected participation of more than 80 Ministers and representatives of the countries across the globe. Hungary is the partner country of this year's Green Week, held from 20 to 29 January. On the fringes of his visit to Berlin, Minister Židan will also meet with Slovenians living there.