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Slovenia officially takes over management of the Coordination Mechanism for Cooperation in Forestry between Central and Eastern European Countries and the People’s Republic of China

Ljubljana, 16 February 2017 — The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (MAFF) is hosting a two-day meeting of the Group for Commitment – Cooperation between CEEC and China, which gathered in Ljubljana to adopt its two-year activity programme. On the margins of the meeting, the State Secretary from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Marjan Podgoršek, who headed a two-day conference, said: "At the meeting of the Executive Coordinating Committee we will agree on the working methods and adopt fundamental acts, while we also have on the table more than 40 project proposals for scientific and economic cooperation in forestry."


According to State Secretary Podgoršek these project proposals are intend to be allocated to six or seven working groups, who will discuss them in greater detail at an expert level. Out of these projects, he mentioned the projects on prevention, felling, reforestation, standards and combat against illegal trade in timber, as well as proposals for cooperation in forestry machinery development or wooden buildings.


On 24 May last year the first high-level meeting on the Coordination Mechanism for the Cooperation in Forestry Between the People’s Republic of China and Central and Eastern European Countries was held at Brdo pri Kranju. Focal areas of cooperation between the two countries, in addition to scientific research cooperation, are the following: protection of forests, resilience of forests, the role of forests in the bio-based economy, and education, including business investment opportunities, where cooperation will open new business opportunities and innovative approaches for timber equipment and wood processing industry.


The head office of the Mechanism is located in Ljubljana within the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, which, to this end, established a Department for the Coordination of Cooperation in Forestry between CEEC and China.


Under the motto "New Green Syntheses", the Mechanism's Secretariat will promote the integrated cooperation of stakeholders from the public and private sectors in forestry and the lumber chain, with sectors of the environment, the economy, agriculture, education and tourism.  It is hoped that the mechanism will continue to serve as a link between countries participating in research projects in the lumber chain, promotion of high-tech products based on wood, and a platform for contacts and networking in the wood processing industry.


Tomorrow, participants will be briefed about good forest management practices in Slovenia and informed on modern machinery for working in the forest.