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Children and adults once again mark Slovenian Food Day with a Traditional Slovenian Breakfast

The year 2017 is the sixth consecutive year celebrating Slovenian Food Day, which was proclaimed by the Slovenian government in 2012. The event takes place every third Friday in November, which this year falls on 17 November. This is also the day on which the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast event takes place (this year for the seventh time in a row) and children at schools and kindergartens breakfast on foods from their local region.

According to Dejan Židan, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, the aims of the two events being marked this Friday are clear, namely to revive the culture of eating breakfast, a meal that is missed all too often, and to highlight the range of locally available food. “At the outset of the project following the initiative of the Slovenian Beekeepers' Association (ČZS), the objectives were clear: to revive the culture of having breakfast, which all too many children don’t eat, resulting in many of them being unable to cultivate healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle, and to highlight the local food supply, which means having fresh food of greater quality at one’s disposal and considerably reducing environmental pollution. Last but not least, there is another reason, one that is of special significance for Slovenia at this moment: This Friday, the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly, acting as the penultimate body in the process, will most likely vote on the Slovenian initiative to proclaim 20 May as the World Bee Day.”


The Traditional Slovenian Breakfast, which on Friday saw over 260,000 children in kindergartens and schools breakfasting on honey, butter and apples, is already beginning to show the first positive results. In addition to an increasing number of children and adults eating breakfast, a significant decline was recorded in the consumption of sweet, carbonated beverages. More fruit and vegetables are consumed as well. The Traditional Slovenian Breakfast and Slovenian Food Day are important elements in the National Programme of Food and Physical Activity, which aims to improve the population’s health and reduce the burden of obesity and chronic illnesses.


The two events bring together the entire agri-food chain, which consists of 50,000 active farmers, over 100 cooperatives and 700 food companies, and promotes local food – the result of their knowledge, experience, research and hard work.


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