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26. 9. 2013

Minister Židan in a Conference on Wolf Conservation in Human Dominated Landscapes

Ljubljana, 26th September 2013 – Yesterday an international conference on wolf conservation in human dominated landscapes took place in Postojna. The conference was part of a broader LIFE+ SloWolf project which reached its goal...

26. 9. 2013

Conference on the Future of the EU Milk Sector in Brussels

Brussels, 26th September 2013 – On Tuesday a conference “The EU Dairy Sector: Developing Beyond 2015” took place in Brussels which was attended by a state secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment Tanja...

24. 9. 2013

EU Ministers on CAP Reform and Solutions for Greater Protein Crops Production

Brussels, 23rd September 2012 – In the September meeting of the Council of the EU, ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries of the EU were briefed with the latest state of play regarding the common agricultural policy (CAP) reform...

23. 9. 2013

International Conference on Housing Conditions of the Roma

Ljubljana, 23rd September 2013 - On Friday an international conference “Housing Conditions of the Roma in Slovenia and Europe: House – Settlement – Community” took place in the town of Radenci in which participated...

18. 9. 2013

Mediterranean Coast Day: Water As A Public Good

Koper, 18th September 2013 – Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment organised an event in Praetorian Palace in Koper with which Slovenia marked the first ratification of the Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management in...

10. 9. 2013

Informal Meeting of EU Ministers of Agriculture in Lithuania

Vilnius, 10th September 2013 – Minister of Agriculture and the Environment Dejan Židan attended a two-day informal meeting of EU Ministers of Agriculture. Part of the meeting was also an informal session of the Agriculture and...