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Minister Pivec: Slovenia gets support of most EU countries in its endeavour to maintain the current level of Rural Development Programme funds

Brussels, 28 January 2019 – EU ministers responsible for agriculture and fisheries met today at their first regular EU Council meeting of the year under the Romanian Presidency. Slovenia’s representative at the meeting was the...

Ms PIVEC: "Digitalisation is one of the most important areas in drafting the new strategy for agriculture"

Berlin, 19 January 2019 – The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Aleksandra Pivec, today attended the 11th Berlin Agriculture Ministers’ Conference, whose focus is on smart solutions for future farming. Ms Pivec...

Agriculture minister Aleksandra Pivec at the Green Week fair in Berlin

Berlin, 18 January 2019 – The Exhibition Grounds in Berlin opened its doors today to welcome the first visitors to the 84th International Green Week, the fair for food, agriculture and horticulture. Slovenia is participating at...