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The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food recognizes the importance of bees and beekeeping for ensuring food security, as well as preserving the entire ecosystem and natural biodiversity. Therefore, we strive to preserve and protect the bees in our territory and throughout the European Union.


As part of these efforts, public awareness plays an important role and we attach great importance to young people. Therefore, from the very beginning we have participated in the educational promotional campaign launched by the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association in 2006. Over the years, this project has also included other ministries, while its implementation has spread from educational institutions to other state and public institutions. On the basis of good practice carried out in Slovenia, Slovenia took the initiative to launch the European Honey Breakfast in March 2014 at the Agriculture and Fisheries Council in Brussels. The initiative was warmly welcomed by many ministers and the former Commissioner of Agriculture. Beside the EU Member States, candidate countries for accession to the EU and third countries have also shown an interest in participating. We are particularly pleased that some countries even started the implementation of the project in 2014, in the neighbouring Hungary for example, where they had the European Honey Breakfast in 67 elementary schools on the same day as in Slovenia. This year, our activities will be further upgraded, because I am convinced that together we can do more to promote bees and beekeeping, as well as bee products.


In recent years, at the international level and due to its international activities related to bees and beekeeping, Slovenia has been identified as a country where this field has a special place and receives special care, the Slovenian Government has decided to further upgrade these activities and, at the initiative of Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association, to submit a proposal for the proclamation of World Bee Day within the framework of the United Nations. Together with the Beekeepers’ Association and other institutions, the Government will strive for the proclamation of this day, which will further contribute to the awareness of the importance of bees and beekeeping.


Dejan Židan, MSc, 

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food


More information:

  • Video: Slovenian Beekeeping initiative for The European Honey Breakfas and World Bee Day 


Visit our interactive Bee World in the hall of UN FAO Rome (Italy) and find out more on bees and Slovenia, where we provide you also a special experience - explore Bee World with VR glasses!


 “Bees Caring for Humankind. Humankind Caring for Bees?”


What Can You Do to Protect Honey Bees and Other Pollinators:

Care for your environment and avoid harming it

Plant a variety of nectar-bearing plants and native species that bloom from spring to autumn

to provide food for pollinators

Provide a welcoming environment for solitary bees and other pollinators with a feeder hut/shelter

Mow your lawn less often and when bees are not present (i.e. early morning or late afternoon)

Seek out your local beekeepers and support them by buying bee products 

Educate your community about the importance of bees and

encourage pollinator-friendly campaigns and events